What is Google hiding from you about ranking your Local Business? Google Busines Optimisation

Written by Rhys

Rhys Southern is an Australian entrepreneur, SEO professional and public speaker that has been running businesses since he was 12. Rhys is a leading member of the SEO community and has grown multiple multi-million dollar companies.

April 29, 2021

Google has become the dominant leader in the online search industry over the past 20 years, which means appearing in a top position on Google automatically positions you as an industry leader. The task of regular Google Business Optimisation should be a top priority for all local business owners or managers. Local business ranking on Google has changed significantly in the past few years, prioritising the map search results with directions and a call button to the business. Containing reviews and other important information about a business, this page is a quick way of finding out exactly what you need to know about a business without having to trawl through their website. Having a well setup page will attract more customers and sales.

This article will share with you 6 simple tips to improve the marketing for your Google Business profile and appear in the top 3 results.

This article already assumes you have verified and setup your Google Business Listing. If you have not done this please stop reading, setup your page and come back to this article.

Get More Google Reviews

Google reviews are the #1 factor when it comes to ranking on Google. Both Google and customers heavily favour businesses with a lot of reviews and a high rating. Charging your customers for reviews can be a stressful time, which is why we recommend setting up an automated review request system, where you can send SMS and email to your customers to request a review. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our automatic review request feature.

Service and Product Triple Stack

Google analysis your website against your Google listing and the more it matches, the more trust Google has about your business. Try being as transparent as possible, displaying the same content, categories, and products on your Google listing as your website. Google will reward you for it. Eg. A hairdresser would generally offer Men’s Cuts, Women’s cuts, Blow Dry… Have pages on your website with these keywords and match them in your services and products on Google.

Setting up a Google Business Website

Even if you already have a functioning website, we recommend setting up a Google Business website and stuffing it with keywords related to your business, listing all your serviceable areas on the page, as well as linking as many pages about your business as possible. E.g. Link your Facebook page or Yellow Pages listing. This will create a link pointing to your website that Google likes and building a stronger search engine optimisation (SEO) foundation.

Creating Local Business Citations

Directories are a great way of finding local businesses, and the more directories your business is on, the more eyes that will see your business. A quick google search will reveal multiple high-quality websites to list your business on. Sites such as Yellow Pages, trustpilot, hotfrog will help your website get noticed.

Embed a Map

Location, location location. Google is crazy about location. Embedding a map of your premises on your homepage will establish a link from your website to your maps listing, showing Google more trust signals. If you have multiple locations, create a page for each location and embed a map of each location.

Create a Google post for every event in your business.

People love seeing updates and insights into companies, and by sharing it in a Google Form, your page will see more engagement. Creating a google post for holidays, seasonal events, new products or services, new staff, staff leaving. Keep your potential customers in the know about your company.

Using these simple tips, you will be sure to increase the reach of your business, exposing more people to your brand. Although Google business optimisation is quite simple, it does take regular work to maintain and manage. Top Hill offers complete done for you services related to Google Business optimisation, starting at $30/monthly. Get in touch today to find out more. Call me on 0480 218 202 or email rhys@tophillmarketing.com.

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