Google Stacking

Google stacking and Google Stacks?

Do you know what Google stacking and Google Stacks is? If not then there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help you out. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss Google Stacks and Google Stacking. We will also go through different aspects of the two terms, and will look to see if they have any similarities?

What is Google stacking?

Google stacking is a type of SEO strategy that enables you to create backlinks on many Google platforms to other entity assets of the company. These Googe entities are Google Maps, Google Docs, Youtube, and Google Sheets. Google indexes content on its own assets/domains very quickly.

What is Google stack?

A Google stack is a collection of Google applications or entities like Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google docs, etc. which contain information about Google and are stacked on top of each other.

This information is released to the public so that they can take advantage of the Google authorities and properties they have within the Google algorithm and ecosystem.

Google Cloud Stack

Google Cloud stack was a service that was used for monitoring purposes for IT team. The service would enable IT teams to evaluate VM (Virtual Machines) and Application data running on the Amazon Web Services Public Cloud and Google Cloud Platform.

Google Entity Stack

A Google entity stack is a group of Google applications and entities such as Google slides, Google docs, Google forms, etc.

Google Marketing Stack

The Google marketing stack is a suite of different programs related to marketing that will enable you to better understand the traffic coming to your website. The stack will also enable you to increase conversions and traffic. This is extremely beneficial for a local business, as this stack can help you grow your business.

Google Authority Stack

Google Authority stack was initially introduced by OMG and has now become one of the most popular ways of stacking on Google. it helps sites rank faster, longer, and higher in local and organic search results.

The Google authority stack is a totally secure way of deriving backlinks from a website that are not shady, and Google will not penalize you.

What are Drive Stacks?

The Google Drive Stack is way to rank the MyBusiness listings on Google Maps. To improve the SEO, Drive Stacks derive the power from the Google Domain and Google Trust to promote a particular website from a top-ranking perspective and also possesses extra ranking properties in the SERP.

Benefits of Drive Stacking?

  • Content Ranking: Promoting and ranking the content can give it the boost it needs. With the help of Google stacks, you can rank any type of content, even against competitive keywords.
  • Link Building: Google can provide you with high-quality backlinks. These backlinks come from Google properties that are 100 % safe and secure.
  • Management of Reputation: If you need a way to improve the reputation of your brand, start doing Drive stacking. This will enable you to get positive news from the public, and at the same time, it will rebuild your reputation, especially if you are running a campaign.

Google’s Search engine optimization

Google like other search engines follows links and tries to build link juice. Google will follow several links from one website to another. Google will also leave crawlers on the internet. Crawlers will examine the net 24/7 and save the HTML version of all the webpages in an entity known as an index.

This index also receives updates if the crawler visits a webpage of website and finds revised or new webpages. Depending on the amount of traffic you receive, and the number of changes you make on your site, crawlers will come around more often or less.

For Google to be aware of your website’s existence, there should be a website link in your site that is already part of the index. If the crawler will follow those site links, the new version of your webpage will be saved.

Google’s algorithm

Once Google has indexed your website, Google will be able to show it in the search results. The search engine will try to match a website that is indexed to a certain query. Google has a special type of algorithm, that decides which pages are shown and their order.

How does this algorithm operate? Well that is a secret, so no one really knows about it. Also, we are unsure which factors truly decide the search results order.

What we do know is that Google’s algorithm is not static, it is updated on a regular basis. The importance of factors and how they determine to order is also changed regularly. While how the algorithm works is a secret, Google does tell us which factors are important.

The Importance of links for Search Engines

It is important how search engines, especially Google, use links. The number of links pointing to a particular webpage determines its importance of that webpage. The more links you have in a specific website, the more important it will be for Google and other search engines.

Both external links and internal links can help a webpage attain higher search rankings. However, not all links are equal, as some are more important than others. The importance of links lead to link building rapidly.

The key is to be in touch with all Google elements and collect links that are logical and useful. Linking building can be a good Authoritative SEO strategy. However, be aware of shady links as Google can penalize you for using them.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Analysis

Words are incredibly powerful, and certain keywords are so powerful that they can control a website’s ranking online. Keywords can be phrases or single words, that users use to find answers to a query.

Keywords need to be properly researched and then placed strategically in different parts of the content. Keywords improve the visibility and quality of your content. One of the reasons why your business requires SEO is because of keywords.

Content Creation

The main objective of SEO is create and improve your content. Your content will allow you to be directly in contact with your audience and prospective customers. This where your keywords will help you build engagement, trust, consistency and authority.

Strong content can lead the growth of your business. Content can be anything, here are a few examples:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Webpage Texts
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts

Your content will drive the SEO by directly engaging with potential and current customers, and will also increase the traffic that your website receives. The content will enable you to let your audience know who you are and what you offer.

SEO can Build trust with Customers

SEO can help you build trust with your customers organically. Your customers will interact with you through user experience. When customers will have a positive experience with your business, you will receive more traffic, clicks and all this will increase your SEO.

This happens organically overtime, and it also improves your ranking in the Google search results.

White Label Google Ads

While people often confuse the White label with the private label, they are two different entities. White labeling occurs when a service or a product removes its logo and brand from the end product and uses the branding suggested by the customer.

For instance, if you got to Walmart or any other grocery store, you will find several products under the Great Value Brand category. Does this mean that the grocery store is producing all these products? Absolutely not, there are different companies that are manufacturing and selling these products and are willing to put them in Great Value packaging.

So when you go to a grocery store and buy a Great Value brand, take a look around. The brand that produces this Great Value product might have the product sitting on the same shelf and with a higher price.

How does White Label Marketing Work?

White label marketing different from a White label product at a grocery store such as Walmart. In the digital world, white labeling occurs when a company purchases from a White label and offers them to the customers under their own brand name.

That White Label company can provide several products and services on your behalf to your clients. Some White labelling services include SEO, Social media marketing, Website development and design and Pay per click management.

What is Domain Authority Stacking?

DAS (DOmain authority stacking) is a type of SEO Strategy developed by an SEO expert named Jimmy Kelly. The main purpose of DAS is to link several layers of websites together to pass authority to the money site.

The procedure of stacking authority usually involves using social properties and Web 2.0, each of which is linked to different websites.

What is Google Entity?

What exactly are entities? Entities in this case are things, places, or people. One way of understanding entities is to recognize Google’s knowledge graph. This is an entity graph and it represents Google’s first step toward using entity search (Also known as Semantic search).

Simply put, entity search is a more accurate tactic for bots to understand the intent of the user, while mapping several sources to answer a specific search query.

Indexing vs Understanding Data

Let’s quickly refresh our memory and go back to the initial question: What is a Google search entity? When Google purchased Metawab in 2010, the database had more than 12 million entities.

Just 2 years later in July 2012, the graph had over 500 million entities and over 3.5 billion relationships with those entities. We are sure that the numbers have grown since then. Adding machine-reading structured data to the internet improves the search engine’s ability to index vs understand data.

This will provide a pair of breakthroughs to getting accurate answers to search queries:

  • Machines can use better methods to understand the searcher’s intent.
  • Machines will be able to derive from large structured data databases to match up the most accurate and reliable answers.


This article discusses Google stacking and Google Stack, and their various aspects. We also shed some light on the different types of stacks and the importance of SEO. Lastly, we also went through Google’s entities and White label advertisements.