Everyone at Top Hill Marketing Solutions would like to thank you for signing up. This is our Onboarding Area where I will personally run you through all of the required steps and forms that you need to complete in order for us to launch your ads.

Account Information and Details

This information is what will used to send your automation emails and create your landing pages. For added security, we recommend using a website called privnote to submit the information. Privnote is a secure website that enables a user to create a note that can be viewed once and then deleted. We hold all information in accordance with the Privacy Policy Act 1988.

Domain Login:

We require you to create a login for your website hosting so we can gain access to your website to commence our work.

Common companies that your domain could be hosted on are goDaddy, Namecheap, crazydomains, Domains Priced Right…

Most websites are hosted on WordPress. if you do not know how to login to your website backend then please skip this step and book a call with someone on our team to help you get this setup.

Once you have logged in please watch the video below to add us as an account.