Hilltop Ranking System – Get your Website to the Top of Google in 6 Months

We get it, ranking your website is hard.

Maybe you have just built your site, paid a lot of money and expected to start getting leads? 

But what if you could get your website to the top of google and start capturing your potential audience.

Our Hilltop Ranking System is a Guaranteed method of getting your website seen by thousands of people on Google.




SEO is a complex process that requires a lot of experience and consistent testing. To put it simply, SEO is a repeatable process of building trust and authority to show search engines (like Google and Bing) that your website and pages are informative and valuable enough to appear in the search results (SERP’s).


We use a range of proven techniques to create a perfectly optimised website that will rank.

Generate tens of Thousands of dollars worth of extra revenue for your business in the next 6 months.

If we can’t get you to the #1 page of Google within 6 months we will work for free until you are there, and if we can’t in 9 months we will refund you your entire retainer. 


Start generating more online enquiries with the Hilltop Ranking System. 

  • The example on the right shows impressions (views – purple) and clicks (blue) directly from Google. You can see a consistent upward trend for all 3 websites. 
  • Thousands of people each month are searching for businesses like yours, harness the power of Google and grow your business.
Google Traffic Examples - GSC

Google Maps Ranking

Where’s the first place you go when you are searching for a Local Business on Google?

For me, it’s the top 3 maps results, then the ‘View More” button to see more maps results, with location, reviews, images and more. As it turns out around 80% of people agree with me, which is why your Google Maps Ranking is so critical to your website success. 

  • Complete Website Audit and Optimisation
  • 6 month SEO Plan Strategised
  • In Depth Competitor Website Analysis
  • A Transparent SEO Campaign you can Understand
  • Stay in the know with regular updates from our team
  • GUARANTEED or we Work for FREE!

Start generating more online enquiries with the Hilltop Ranking System

  • Months 1 and 2 will be analysis, building out our 6 month SEO plan, optimising and building links and gaining exposure to your website. 
  • In month 3 you will find an overall increase in website rankings, and should start to see more website views. 
  • Month 4 should see some website enquiries based on the new work we have done. 
  • For month 5 your website will have hundreds of more backlinks, be generating consistent enquiries and be on the track to the completing our program.
 Top Hill Marketing Solutions has been helping me with my website and Facebook adds. Being that my business is beauty the first face book add Rhys put together was exceptional.If you are looking for quality work Rhys is your go to. Thankyou for all your expertise. I will recommend and definitely use your services in the future.
Fiona Walsh

Beauty by Fiona

 My outdated website was generating virtually no business for me and I had no idea how to fix it. Top Hill Marketing completely redesigned my website and took it into the 21st century. Traffic has drastically increased and in the few months since launching my new website my business has almost doubled, something I would never have dreamed possible. Rhys and his team set up an automated review system which is a great way to streamline the review process and I also now have an online booking system with automated text appointment reminders that saves me a lot of time.I found Rhys to be easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating. For someone like me who is not at all tech savvy, he explained what was happening every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend Rhys and Top Hill Marketing highly enough.
Andrea Southern

Southern Health & Wellbeing

 Rhys knows what he his doing. He is professional and very knowledgeable. If you need to take your business to the next level, he is your man.Rhys did an Audit of my business web presence and it has helped me a lot to understand what I was missing or doing wrong. He helped me with my SEO. He has some great systems to collect the reviews from your customers.As business owners, we can’t professionally do everything ourselves. So, save your precious time to do the things you know and let the rest to Rhys from Top Hill Marketing Solutions.
Antoine Ermessent

Malo Photography

 I was blown away by the service I received at Top Hill Marketing Solutions. Their team is extremely knowledgable about Website development and marketing in general, and they guided me through the whole process. Rhys helped create a website for me, and start driving traffic to my site through Google. I was very impressed with the quick work and reasonable pricing. I received my first inquiry the same week the website went live. I would recommend Top Hill to anyone that has either a small emerging business, or a large scale operation.
Alex Malin

Amsterdam Drum School

Top Hill did a great job on my marketing campaign. Outstanding results and perfect communication. I will definitely be using them again.


 Don’t usually write google reviews however I was extremely satisfied with the service from top hill marketing. Rhys went above and beyond in the service provided and I couldn’t be more thankful! The Facebook ads worked amazingly well and are highly recommended if you are looking to get heaps more clients!!!

Maddy King

Real Clients Ranking Results


Below is the improvement from a couple of clients  from when we started to now.

The green number on the right side is the change from when we started, to now. “New” means they were not ranking for that keyword in the top 100 Google results.

The ‘Position’ is the current rank on google (however often the rank is higher than this number due the ranking not updating.

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