Why Facebook Ads?

Discover how Top Hill Marketing Solutions can alleviate your marketing, prospect and appointment booking processes. 


Why Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads?)

Discover how Top Hill Marketing Solutions can alleviate your marketing, prospecting and appointment booking process.

Advertising on social media is a cost effective and extremely efficient way to put your agency in front of your target audience. Clients that need the services you provide and who are ready to buy and sell.

Social media marketing is so efficient because of the great volume of data that companies like Facebook and Instagram collect on their users.

We can help you harness this data to build great campaigns that actually deliver results for your business.

Targeted Audience

You know your business and you know your clients. We can reach your audience through targeted campaigns that filter out waste and put your advertisements directly in front of those who will actually engage with your services.

Imagine a world where your flyers would only go into the mailbox of people interested in your services! Think of the money you would gain back by reducing waste and inefficiency. You would only be advertising to your exact demographic. 

Why you need an expert like me?

To plan, deliver and maintain a great social media campaign requires experience and expertise. To unlock value for your marketing dollars and have more customers using your services you need to engage a team of experts.

We know how to craft effective social media campaigns and we know how important it is for an agency like yours to get great value for your marketing spend.

How do we do it?

We spend the time to learn about your agency and your clients. Segmenting your different audiences, we develop several digital campaigns and advertisements, all running concurrently, that target these specific audiences.

We craft effective advertisements that appeal to the pain points, emotions, wants and needs of each audience and we review all campaigns regularly to ensure everything is running as it should be. If an advertisement isnt performing as it should be, we make the necessary adjustments for you.

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